Household Hazardous
Waste Disposal

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Disaster Debris Management

13042 US Hwy 52, Metamora (West of Brookville)
Phone: 765-647-6710

Recycling Center Hours: Mon.-Sat.: 8:30am-3:00pm
Re-Use Center Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri.: 9:00am-3:00pm
and 2nd & 4th Sat.: 9:00am-noon

A service of the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District and Franklin County.
This site accepts Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) such as chemicals, paint thinners, acids, etc., on the second Saturday of each quarter. The remaining HHW day in 2012 is Oct. 13 from 8am-10am only. HHW collection in 2013 is: Sat., Apr. 13; Sat., July 13; and Sat., Oct. 12.

Effective immediately, SEIRD Recycle Centers are no longer accepting any oil-based paints and stains except on designated HHW days. Fluorescent bulbs will be the only HHW accepted during regular business hours. In addition, any unlabeled/unidentifiable items or latex paints can no longer be accepted.

Pharmaceutical waste disposal including non-controlled medications, syringes, etc. are accepted at the Franklin County Health Dept. during normal business hours. The Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. (located at 371 Main St.) in Brookville houses a drop box where controlled medications can be disposed of seven days a week, and 24 hours a day.

Click HERE to download the
Franklin County Summer
2012 PDF brochure
of accepted recyclables and
other information.

2012 Holiday Closings

Oct. 8; Columbus Day
Nov. 12; Veteran's Day
Nov. 22-23; Thanksgiving
Dec. 24-25; Christmas

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Accepted for Recycling

Household Recyclables

  • Cardboard (please break down and flatten boxes
  • Mixed paper, including paperboard
  • Newspapers and magazines (please separate and keep dry)
  • Computer paper
  • #1 and #2 plastic bottles and jugs
  • Glass
  • Aluminum/steel cans

(SISWD does not pay for aluminum)

Problem Wastes:


  • Computers and monitors (limit two systems)
  • Cellular phones
  • TVs (limit 2) -Fee currently waived


  • Oil, filters and antifreeze (limit 5 gallons motor oil)

Refrigerant Items

  • Refrigerators-Fee currently waived
  • A/C units-Fee currently waived
  • Dehumidifiers-Fee currently waived (Limit 2 units, remove all foods/liquids, and please air out)

Used tires-small fee
  • Auto and pickup tires (limit 10): $1.00 ea. off rim, $2.00 ea. on rim
  • Semi truck tire (limit 4): $5.00 ea, off rim; $10.00 ea. on rim
  • No tractor tires, loader, grader or tires on rims (must be taken to SISWD in Madison)
  • Scrap metal (SISWD does not pay for scrap metal)


  • Car batteries (must not be cracked and must have caps on cells)
  • Rechargeable batteries: (ni-mh, ni-cd, ni-zn, li-ion, pb, button type batteries)
  • No alkaline batteries accepted

Rules for Recycling

  • No commercial materials accepted
  • Do not leave items after facility has closed
  • Please find an attendant if you have tires, appliances, televisions, or need assistance in unloading your items
  • Please remove all lids from containers and rinse thoroughly


SEIRD Franklin Co. Re-Use Center
Located at the Franklin Co. Recycling Center
Phone: 765-647-6710

Hours of Operation:

Mon., Wed., Fri.: 9:00am - 3:00pm
2nd & 4th Sat. of month - 9:00am - noon

  • All Items are FREE!
  • Smoke-Free Facility
  • No Food or Drink
  • Children must be attended at all times

Please help us by following these simples rules:
  • Leave reusable items only. No trash, broken, stained, dirty, or ripped items
  • Shopping is limited to one time per week
  • Limit shopping time to 20 minutes - No loitering
  • Items taken are not to be sold - No items are to be put in yard sales, consignment shops, or Ebay as examples
  • Limit of 4 items per person, except clothing
  • Limit of 5 books
  • Please show attendant items that you intend to leave on site
  • The attendant has the right to distribute items at his/her discretion
  • Please help keep clothing neatly folded or hung
  • This facility is provided for the citizens of Franklin County to share/swap/exchange items that are in good condition/working order.

Items Accepted:
  • Working Household appliances
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Bicycles
  • Lawnmowers and other yard equipment
  • Electric and hand tools
  • Clean Clothing
  • Exercise equipment
  • Books
  • Knick-knacks
  • Housewares
  • Good paint and painting products in original containers
  • Toys
  • Other useful and reusable items
  • Please respect the generosity of others
  • Take only what you need
Do Not Bring:
  • Broken/intermittent or non-working equipment
  • Toilets
  • Items covered with dirt or bird droppings
  • Dirty or ripped clothing
  • Underwear or hats
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Mattresses or bedding
  • Old paints that have been frozen, dried, thinned or contaminated
  • Books with mold/mildew, missing covers and/or pages
  • Items that are potentially hazardous because of flaws or faults
For information about volunteering, please call SEIRD at 812-574-4080.